Parent group seeks role on Buffalo School Board

Jan 7, 2015

A student representative currently occupies a spot on the Buffalo School Board. The District Parent Coordinating Council seeks a similar non-voting role for a parent.

The District Parent Coordinating Council outlined its plan at a Tuesday night meeting.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The board is on its third non-voting student representing the interests of students, the president of the Inter-High Student Council.

The DPCC met Wednesday night calling for a parental equivalent. In the past, there have often been regular board members who have children in the school and grandparents or other relatives. There's only one board member currently with a child in a publicly-financed school.

DPCC President Sam Radford says there are big developments on the way for the schools.
"Especially at this critical point. If you heard what the governor said, what the Regents have said, the chancellor said. It's a critical time in the future of Buffalo public schools," Radford said.

"We want to make sure a parent voice is included in that and we currently only have one parent who currently has children in the Buffalo public schools on the board."

Radford says there are a lot of people running around pronouncing solutions for district problems but few are parents and the issues are too important for others to set the framework of debate.