Parent group tussles with school board over district decisions

Jul 9, 2015

A backroom meeting during the Buffalo school board session Wednesday night may have cleared the way for Albany to ship in $36 million already anticipated in the budget. The money has been delayed as part of a long-running fight over parental involvement in district decisions.

The District Parent Coordinating Council has informed Albany that it has not been consulted on key district decisions. 

Sam Radford, District Parent Coordinating Council.
Credit WBFO News file photo

"This is ridiculous," said Board Member Barbara Seals Nevergold.
"We're holding up $36 million. For what? When we have had consultation. We have had meetings. All right so they only started in February but they were, as far as I'm concerned, useful in very lengthy and very detailed account of all of those meetings and the process and who was involved and who was engaged and who met."

DPCC President Sam Radford says the meetings were scheduled to start last September. He also claims former Superintendent Donald Ogilvie never met with the group.

The board sent School Leadership Chief David Mauricio into a room with Radford where they hammered out an agreement that will be voted on by the DPCC membership on Tuesday.