Park tragedy prompts call for DMV reform

Jun 26, 2015

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs is pushing to close a serious loophole in drivers license regulations that could pose a danger to the public.

Under current DMV regulations, Jacobs says drivers only have to report dangerous medical conditions when getting their first license or when renewing. He says if a driver has a valid license, they are not required to report changes in their health that would make them a danger on the road.  

Credit WBFO News file photo

The driver of the crash that killed a three year old boy in Delaware Park last month allegedly told police he fell asleep driving due to a medical condition. Jacobs says a reporting requirement would not necessarily mean losing a license.  

"If there's documentation from the medical provider that person was being treated, being medicated and the condition was being able to be dealt with, maybe they could drive," Jacobs said.

"Certainly, there needs to be some awareness on the DMV's situation because we don't want a tragedy to happen where there should have been a reporting and it should have been known."
Jacobs says conditions that cause unconsciousness while driving are just as dangerous as drinking while driving and texting while driving.

He says he hopes Governor Andrew Cuomo acts quickly.