Pay raise or no pay raise? That's still the question

Dec 8, 2016

Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers are still trying to put together a special session before the end of the year that could include a pay raise.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who is holding three days of meetings at the capital with his Democratic members, says no date has been set yet for a December session.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie talks with reporters.

However, he says, Democrats are willing to come back if there are important time sensitive agenda items they can agree upon, including strengthening laws in light of increased racially biased attacks since Donald Trump was elected President.

“Things around hate crimes,” Heastie said. “The crisis in homelessness.”

Governor Cuomo is asking the legislature to help free up more funds promised to combat homelessness.

Legislators also would need to vote for a pay raise before December 31, if they hope to get one in the new year. Heastie has said he thinks Assemblymembers deserve one.

Just across the border, state lawmakers in Pennsylvania are getting a pay bump next month. It will boost minimum salaries to more than $86,478 or 1.3 percent compared to this year.

Party leaders will make significantly more--between $98,609 and $134,998, depending on position.

This increase is automatic. It is tied to consumer price index numbers, so it increases--or decreases--when the cost of living does.