Pay raises approved for city officials

May 15, 2019

Buffalo councilmembers yesterday approved pay raises for themselves, Mayor Brown, Comptroller Barbara Miller-Williams and the school board members. In most cases, they agreed to the recommendations from the Citizens Salary Review Commission.

Credit WBFO file photo

Here are the recommended pay increases:

-Mayor: $158,500 from $105,000

-Comptroller: $119,500 from $88,412

-Councilmembers: $75,000 from $52,000

-School board members: $15,000 from $5,000

"The wages weren't changed for 20 years. It's good to have them updated for today's conditions, today's work environment," said Councilmember Richard Fontana, who will not realize the pay hike since he is not seeking reelection.

The plan still requires mayoral approval.  If approved, they would take effect starting January 1.

The Review Commission actually recommended school board members double their salaries to $10,000, but Councilmembers approved a bump to $15,000. Councilmember Ulysees Wingo pushed for the greater  increase.
"We have more schools and less board members than the municipalities in New York State and our school board members get paid a fraction of what the other school board members are getting paid," Wingo said. 

The $5,000 salary was originally set when the first elected school board took office in 1974.