PBS American Portrait: Mariam Adekoya

Apr 18, 2021

As part of the PBS American Portrait Series, WNED PBS is taking some of the stories from our Making Buffalo Home project and both preparing them for a national audience while featuring them on WBFO. You can hear the segments every Monday morning for the next several weeks.  

Today, meet Mariam Adekoya and her mother Risikat, both originally from Nigeria.

When they need to re-connect with their West African heritage, it often means spending time in the kitchen together, making traiditonal Jollof Rice. 

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    Making Buffalo Home:  Buffalo’s history is marked by waves of immigrants from places, such as Germany, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and more recently from Burma, Somalia, Bhutan and Iraq. Many come as immigrants seeking opportunities. Others come as refugees escaping persecution and violence. 

This in-depth digital engagement initiative is raising  awareness of  all our region's ethnic heritage, to help the region develop a better understanding of the  opportunities and challenges we face together as long-time residents, new immigrants and refugees.

Explore the Making Buffalo Home series at www.wned.org/makingbuffalohome

Making Buffalo Home is funded by Rich Products Corporation and Rich Family Foundation.