Peace Bridge traffic flow is being aided by technology

Nov 9, 2017

Technology is now helping to improve cross border traffic on the Peace Bridge. And more improvements could be on the way. 

A long line of trucks waits to enter the U.S., on the Peace Bridge, this past summer.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

To help reduce delays during the redecking of the Peace Bridge - U.S. Customs and Border Protection implemented Pre Arrival Readiness Evaluation. CBP's Director of Program Management & Shared Services, Rose Marie Davis says, PARE uses license plate reader technology to speed truck traffic headed into the U.S.

"The license plate reader reads the plate on the vehicle and it matches it to the manifest that's filed with CBP and also determines if the user fee has been paid. And if it has a hundred percent manifest filing with the fee payment the truck receives the green light to cross the border," Davis said.  

By not having to handle cash or other payments, she says, CBP Officers are clearing trucks faster and reducing bottle necks on the Peace Bridge Plaza in Buffalo. To reduce wait times even further, she says, CBP intends to implement facial recognition technology.
"We want to pilot the facial recognition technologies as a way to not only address security requirements but use that in facilitation. If we can identify travelers in advance and match them, know who they are, and ensure that they don't have any watch list hits, we can facilitate their crossing," Davis said.  

While that's the goal, she says the program is still being tested at some airports and cruise terminals.