Pegulas talk new stadium, ending Toronto games and more

Nov 6, 2014

Buffalo Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula are prepared to end the team's series of annual home games in Toronto, are again committing to constructing a new stadium and add they're not planning on making any changes yet to the organization.

Terry and Kim Pegula sat down with journalists from the Associated Press Wednesday night for a 20 minute interview. 

Kim Pegula told the AP they're currently working on ending the team's deal to play in Toronto,  nothing they want all of the Bills home games to be played in Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills Owner Terry Pegula
Credit WBFO News File Photo

Terry Pegula also committed once again to building a new stadium "somewhere," but added a location, timeline or how the costs may be divided up have yet to be decided.

This is at least the second time since taking ownership that he's talked about a new stadium. The first came during his news conference in Buffalo just days after taking over when Pegula told reporters, "We will gradually proceed to plan and design a stadium for the Buffalo Bills.  You know these things take time."

The Pegulas also told the AP they're not planning to make any changes in the organization yet, noting their impressed with the job President Russ Brandon has done in overseeing the team during the sale process.