Penfield scrubs off swastikas drawn on 17 park trees

Aug 14, 2018

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an incident where 17 trees in a Penfield park were spray painted with swastikas.

It happened at the Harris Whalen Park, and Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain believes it may have happened last Friday or Saturday. The markings come on the first anniversary of a white nationalist rally that turned into an anti-police protest in Charlottesville, VA.

LaFountain said this kind of activity does not reflect the way people interact with each other in Penfield.

“The pain it causes residents is just amazing, and we shouldn’t have to tolerate that in our town of Penfield, in our country or our country.”

LaFountain said there was a similar incident a year ago, with some trees and a door to a bathroom in the park vandalized. He has been in touch with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.

“The captain has indicated that their office takes this very seriously and dedicating some extra resources, patrols to that area and will be working with the town to do everything they can to identify who the individual or individuals that may have done this,” he said.

LaFountain said all of the offensive graffiti is being removed or painted over. If a suspect is identified, he said the town board wants that person prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.