Perks Coffee shops close permanently

Jun 30, 2020

A local coffee shop chain whose workers recently unionized has announced the permanent closure of its three locations.

Labor advocates gather outside Perks on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo on Monday.
Credit Michael Mroziak / WBFO News

On Monday, WBFO ran a story on how furloughed and former workers of Perks Coffee in Buffalo had voted earlier this year to unionize. The union had recently received a National Labor Relations Board settlement on several issues with the company.

Perks had closed earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it has been learned that the coffee shops are closing permanently.

In a press release, Robert Newman, managing partner of Wainfleet Companies, Perks' parent company, announced the decision to not reopen all three of its locations.

“Combined with the negativity in the community and the prevalent anti-business attitude, we just don’t see the additional investment to reopen as practical,” Newman said.

About 35 employees worked at the three Perks locations during its busy season. Newman said the worker's union, Workers United, has been notified of the closing.