Picketers call for women in the priesthood

Mar 27, 2013

With the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo engaged in Holy Week, there was a small group of protestors outside Saint Joseph's Cathedral Tuesday night calling for the ordination of women.

The pickets were outside what's called the Chrism Mass, which brought together priests and parishioners to receive holy oils blessed by the bishop. It's also a celebration of the priesthood.

Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

Picketers were from Western New York Call to Action, saying this is an occasion to remind the diocese of what the group calls a "grave injustice." Picketers pointed to the recent election of Pope Francis with only men present.

Kathy Mang says she's a pew Catholic, but wants women priests.

"In my lifetime? Well, probably not. I'm hoping maybe in a hundred years. But, it's only from culture and tradition that they say women can't be priests. It has nothing to do with what God said or what Jesus Christ said. I'm just here for those two," Mang said.

The Catholic Diocese says it has no comment on the pickets.