Planned power outage for Fort Erie

May 4, 2012

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday in Fort Erie, the lights will go out as some maintenance takes place on the power system serving the entire town.

Canadian Niagara Power says the town's electric grid may be off until ten in the morning Sunday as a major project forces a shut off of the only electric line into Fort Erie from Niagara Falls.

Mayor Doug Martin says every precaution is being taken and he hopes neighbors will make sure someone who needs electricity for a medical device is taken care of.

Martin says emergency services are prepared.

"Police has been notified the fire service is on call.  They've tried to do everything the could to avoid this," said Martin.  "There's a lot of concerns."

Martin says there have been past power outages but there was no advance warning when those happened.

"It's unfortunate, but there's nothing else they can do," noted Martin.