Planning Board approves new addition to Millionaire Row

Feb 1, 2017

There's another proposal for new housing at Delaware and Bedford, after an earlier plan floundered under fire from neighbors.

The Buffalo Planning Board has approved the plan to replace an aging ranch-style home formerly occupied by a dentist who had his office in the same building. Neighbors said the earlier plan crammed too many housing units onto the land.

Jeffrey Bochiechio and Patrick Ogiony would have sold the land to the unsuccessful developers, but now will develop the property themselves.

Credit Jeffrey Bochiechio

"Four high-end town homes at 2040 Delaware Avenue," said Bochiechio. "They're going to be three bedrooms, lofted areas, garage parking that we think is going to cater to a high-end interested buyer, perhaps somebody looking to move into the city from the suburbs and take advantage of what Delaware Avenue in the city has to offer."

He said, when complete, the property will fit in with the rest of North Buffalo.

"We also took care to make sure that it presented well on Delaware Avenue and presents almost as a house similar that you would see on Delaware Avenue on Millionaire Row," he said.

The buildings would be stucco, with a half-timbered look, lots of interior finishes and four parking spaces for each unit. Bochiechio said the buildings will start in the spring and go on the market in late summer. Realtors say there is a shortage of high-end single homes in the city.