Plans for mega-ecommerce center unveiled for Grand Island

Mar 3, 2020

TC Buffalo Development introduced its plans for a huge new e-commerce storage and distribution center Monday night to the Grand Island Town Board. The project would be larger than anything currently on the island.

The complex is proposed for more than 145 acres of land that is currently vacant at 2780 Long Road, between Bedell Road and the 190.

TC Buffalo said the single prospective tenant is currently "confidential," but the development would "address growing demand for warehouse distribution facilities throughout the United States," according to the proposal."The facility will operate as a fullfilment and sortation center, receiving inbound bulk shipments of products from various vendors, suppliers and sellers, and then packing these items to prepare them to be sent to a facility for shipping directly to consumers, either through its own delivery network or third-party shippers."

The development is being marketed for the "substantial tax revenues" that will be generated for the town "with limited costs to the community." It would also provide new customers for existing area businesses.

The complex would be anchored by a five-story, 823,522 square-foot building with 69 loading locks, plus two security shacks, more than 2,000 parking spaces and assorted other land and maintenance improvements. Business would add new traffic concerns for the island, but developers insist the site can handle it, with the addition of a new signal and turning lane at the 190.

It would have the capacity for 7,000 people, but no more than 1,800 people would occupy the complex at any time. The facility will operate 24/7, 365 days a year, and hire provide about 1,000 new jobs, plus seasonal jobs during the holidays, and provide another 300 construction jobs.

How the complex would look from the 190.

One issue regarding wildlife has been acknowledged by the developer. TC Buffalo said the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation indicates the possible presence of the endangered/threatened Blacknose Shiners, Northern Long-eared Bat and Short-eared Owl on the property.

The Town Board will take up the project again at its next meeting.