Plans unveiled for downtown sports complex

Feb 12, 2018

It could be seen as another sign of the revitalized economy in Buffalo. Medaille College is teaming M/ilesports and Development LLC in building the Downtown Sports Complex, a $2.3 million project that is expected to see heavy use in all weather conditions. 

Medaille College

“Well, I think it’s going to be a big boon," said Michael Damico, President of M/ilesports.

"That area is known as the Valley and there is not really much there right now, and with the Icehouse complex and this, a lot of young people are moving into that area downtown. Condos and stuff, and they want recreation."

The complex will include a 26,400 square-foot indoor athletic complex and a 300'x300' outdoor athletic field.

No other development projects are being considered for the site at this time. Future plans will be announced and released by the property owner, South Buffalo Development.

The outside field will open this summer while the indoor athletic complex will open during the fall. Damico wants the facility to meet a growing demand for space for athletic competitions.

“We are also setting aside, from 3 to 6 every day, for high schools. Because we know the Buffalo schools and the schools in the inner-ring suburbs really don’t have anywhere to be indoors during the winter. So we made it clear to Medaille and other groups that we did not want to block out that time because we want it for high school.”