Police vow to crack down on illegal vehicles on city streets

May 30, 2019

As the weather turns warmer in Western New York, vehicles most commonly seen in rural areas have been making their way onto the streets of Buffalo.

Captain Jeff Rinaldo speaks inside of City of Buffalo Police Headquarters.
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

But those vehicles, dirt bikes and ATVs in particular, are not fit for city streets, says the Buffalo Police Department.

Capt. Jeff Rinaldo said his department has seen an uptick of the vehicles spotted around town, even though it is illegal to drive them in the city. He says owners need to know the letter of the law.

“I understand it’s a fun, recreational activity,” Rinaldo said. “But you have to make sure you’re doing it where it’s legally permissible, which is on private land or on state approved roadways and tracks. It is not in the City of Buffalo.”

Rinaldo cited an incident over Memorial Day weekend where several ATV riders rode through Delaware Park, endangering the welfare of park-goers.

Rinaldo says riders may think they can escape a patrol officer, but what they cannot outrun is his police radio, or the more than 200 surveillance cameras throughout the city.