Poll finds New Yorkers are sleep-deprived coffee drinkers

May 2, 2018

Feeling sleepy? You're not alone. A new poll finds New Yorkers aren't getting much shut-eye.

Half of New Yorkers polled in a new survey say they sleep six hours a night or less.
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About half of the residents polled statewide say they sleep six hours or less a night, according to a new survey by Siena Research Institute. Only one of out four people is getting eight or more hours of sleep a night.

"Older New Yorkers, age 65 and older, are getting a little bit more sleep. New Yorkers who are 35 to 49 and have kids, they're the ones that are really struggling to get even close to six hours," said Siena Director Don Levy.

That may be why New Yorkers drink a lot of coffee. Levy says 62 percent of residents are coffee drinkers and 42 percent say they have to have their coffee to start every day.

Within the first hour of waking, 58 percent of New Yorkers say they check their email, text messages or social media accounts. 

Some other findings? The poll shows 62 percent of New Yorkers think about money on a daily basis. Just over half floss every day, 29 percent say they exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and 50 percent take the time to have a relaxed meal each day with family or friends.

The poll also found 70 percent of people laugh out loud at least once a day and in what Levy calls the most gratifying finding, the survey showed 60 percent of New Yorkers do something nice for another person each day.