Poll finds voters want Albany cleaned up

May 3, 2016

A new poll finds that voters want corruption in state government addressed before lawmakers adjourn the 2016 session.

A full 97 percent of those surveyed say that passing new laws to curb the bad behavior of lawmakers is their number one priority as the legislature returns form a three week break. The majority want to see legislators convicted of felonies  stripped of their public pensions, but are split on whether outside income should be limited.

The poll comes as news of a scandal involving Governor Cuomo’s former top aid  is emerging. The former close associate Joe Percoco may be accused of accepting payments form developers involved in Cuomo’s economic projects.  Siena’s Steve Greenberg says the pressure is on the governor and legislature to act.

“It’s up to all three of them to get it done,” Greenberg said. “That’s what the votes are looking to them to do."

The poll however finds that two thirds of those surveyed don’t believe that Cuomo and the legislature will actually pass  any real reforms.