Porchfest brings Elmwood Village community together through music outside historic homes

May 9, 2015

Musicians play in front of one of the many historic homes in the Elmwood Village
Credit Elmwood Village Association / WBFO News

Rocking was taking place on porches across Elmwood Village in more ways than one, on Saturday.

The 4th semi-annual Porchfest began at 1 p.m. and ran through 6 p.m. More than 55 local bands played on the porches of the village’s historic homes, free to the public.

Ashley Smith, Community Engagement Manager of the Elmwood Village Association, said the event - which goes on both in the spring and fall - fits in with the atmosphere of Elmwood’s tight knit community. Though the Porchfest concept originated in Ithica, New York, Smith said Buffalo’s version built on the success of the area’s garden walk.

"Because it requires people to be comfortable and have a community mindset to welcome others in their neighborhood to their home and their porch and to the music," said Smith. "I think that this neighborhood is really conducive to that."

Smith said she expected a large turnout for this season’s Porchfest due to the week’s beautiful weather, but noted that the event would go on rain or shine.