Press Pass: Buffalo's historic Hamlin Park neighborhood

Apr 22, 2019

Buffalo's Hamlin Park is an historic city neighborhood adjacent to Canisius College. The May issue of Buffalo Spree finds out why more and more people want to live there. In this week's Press Pass with WBFO's Mark Scott, Spree Editor Elizabeth Licata says the neighborhood is named after a family that once ran a horse racing track in that neighborhood.

Mike Puma shows off his Preservation Studios offices in Hamlin Park.
Credit Photo courtesy of Buffalo Spree

Mark and Elizabeth touch on the impact the Kensington Expressway has had on Hamlin Park and other adjacent neighborhoods. Elected leaders support a proposal to put a cap over it, making the expressway a tunnel of sorts with greenery on top. But there are those in Hamlin Park who want to fill in the Kensington Expressway and return traffic to such arteries as Kensington Avenue, Genesee Street and Broadway. 

Also, the May issue of Buffalo Spree explores the small plate trend at area restaurants. Elizabeth says small plates are seen as a way for chefs to be at their most creative.

Also, Spree contributor Jim Heaney of Investigative Post has an article in the May issue that warns of the threat to local journalism in the nation. Mark and Elizabeth debate whether Buffalo faces a crisis as the Buffalo News gets smaller and fewer young people turn to printed materials for their news.