Press Pass: Building repeat business for Buffalo's emerging film industry

Aug 4, 2015

Film crews are becoming commonplace in Western New York. During a recent day, as many as four crews were working on a variety of film projects in the area. With that success noted, the challenge now for local officials is to keep filmmakers coming back to the region.

On this morning's "Press Pass," Tim Clark of the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission discusses with WBFO's Pat Feldballe why the region seems to be gaining traction inside the competitive film industry.

"Once you come to Western New York, it really sells itself," Clark said. The best recent example, Clark explained, is director Fred Olen Ray, who filmed in East Aurora last winter and has returned to the area this summer on a new project.

"These repeat customers are really pretty cool."

Clark points out how the filming of the sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles earlier this year may also reap new local benefits.

"That crew realized how cooperative the community was in closing streets and things like that," said Clark, recalling how the Kensington Expressway was closed overnight to allow for the filming of action scenes.

"Now, they've gone onto other studio productions and believe it or not we're getting all these calls from those folks saying, 'Hey, would you consider this or would you scout for that?'"