Press Pass: The future of the Bills, downtown developments

Mar 31, 2014

In the days since the death of Ralph Wilson, speculation has mounted regarding the future of the Buffalo Bills. "Everybody take a step back," says Jim Fink of Business First. On WBFO's Press Pass, Fink shares his views on what to expect for the Buffalo Bills.

Fink sees a lengthy process ahead for the transfer of Bills ownership from the estate of Ralph Wilson. He also points out the current lease should keep the team in Western New York for several years.

WBFO's Jay Moran is joined each month by Business First reporter Jim Fink on Press Pass.

He offers his thoughts regarding the Buffalo School District, calling it "knee-deep in dysfunction." 

In response to the most recent district controversies involving the hiring of administrators who lack proper certification, Fink targets the highest levels of the district.

"They need a complete, almost Draconian makeover."

Fink calls the condition of the city schools a drag on what has been mostly positive development news in Buffalo.

As more vacant downtown buildings find new life as mixed-use residential projects, Fink says the city has not enjoyed a development "cycle like this in 50 years."