Pride week begins in Buffalo

May 28, 2019

Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

The raising of a Rainbow flag at Niagara Square signified the start of Pride Week in the City of Buffalo. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in New York City where members of the LGBTQ community clashed with police after continuous harassment.

“Those of us who are here, let’s celebrate,” Said Pride Center of Western New York Board Member Ari Moore. “But do not forget, before the parade there was a march, and it’s not over yet.”

Ari Moore of the Pride Center of Western New York
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

Moore thanked local and state lawmakers for progressive laws that help the LGBTQ community. State Senator Tim Kennedy said New York State serves as a beacon and leader to other states when it comes to human rights.

“Going back to 2011. Being one of the first states in the entire nation to make sure that marriage equality got across the finish line.”

Kennedy said a top priority in the senate is to ban the so-called gay panic defense in which a defendant can claim violent temporary insanity for an assault or murder for the unwanted sexual advances by someone of the same sex. There are two bills currently being considered.