Pro-life groups call for end to abortions in minority communities

Feb 7, 2020

A group of Western New York religious leaders on Thursday announced their campaign to end abortions in Black and Brown communities.

Mt. Olive aptist Church hosted a press conference by a group called New York Pastors for Life who are beginning a month-long pro-life media campaign.

Reverend Kinzer Pointer.
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

The group consists of religious leaders who are disturbed about abortion rates in Black and Brown communities. Standing in front of a large group of supporters, Pastors for Life leader Kinzer Pointer said the high rate of abortion, especially in the Black community, goes beyond the pale of an epidemic.

“We know genocide when we see it,” Pointer said.

Pointer said part of their campaign involves buying commercial time to disseminate their pro-life commercial.

Kateri and Lila Rose
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

In the crowd of supporters was Kateri, a young mother, and her 7-month old daughter, named after pro-life activist Lila Rose. Kateri said it is their calling to protect all human beings from every walk of life.

“She is a spirited baby that is an amazing restoration of life for me,” she said. “And I hope that she can be a good spokesperson for the restoration of life in New York State.”

One ambition of New York Pastors for life is to lay the foundation of a personhood amendment to State Constitution, where the state would recognize all human life under the law.