Promoting alternative transportation on expanding medical campus

Feb 2, 2016

Biking, carpooling, and public transit are among the ways that some people get around the region.

The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is partnering with GOBike Buffalo to promote alternative transportation on the expanding campus located in the shadows of the downtown business district. Bill Smith, the campus' director of access and planning, said the initiatives include new options for bicyclists. He noted that GObike is developing a long-term strategy.

Bill Smith
Credit Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

“They have worked with the city on developing a bike master plan that looks at things like creating a cycle track on Main Street or a separated bike lane on Main Street north of Goodell,” Smith told WBFO.

Traveling without a car can be a hassle during a typical Buffalo winter. Smith said the goal is find ways to make it easier for pedestrians during snowy periods.

“Making sure that sidewalks are clear. Holding property owners responsible for clearing those sidewalks, but also some further assistance for those that might have difficulty doing so. And I think, making sure that the transit stations are clear of snow is critical as well."

Planners also hope to create more park-and-ride opportunities to help NFTA riders, Smith said, adding that the goal is to start a movement among the campus’ employees.

“We have orientations for new employees now, so that when a new employee comes to the medical campus, we go there to Buffalo General and we sit them down and put up a whole presentation on all the ways they can get down here and all the resources that they have available to them.”

Incentive programs are being put in place for BNMC employees who use alternate forms of travel, including free parking days for carpoolers and discounted public transportation. The plans aim to ease parking migraines and transportation congestion around the growing medical campus.