Protesters demand end to Ontario's coronavirus restrictions

Apr 26, 2020

A group of protestors demonstrating against COVID-19 retrictions in Ontario drew the anger of the province’s premier.

About one hundred people gathered in front of the Ontario legislature in Toronto....many carried signs and placards saying the coronavirus was a hoax....and “open up Ontario”

They also flouted the social distancing measures and a provincial order banning all gatherings of more than five people.  They were calling for an end to all emergency measures.

But premier Doug Ford says the action made him furious.

"It’s irresponsible, reckless and it’s selfish.  It just burns me up," Ford said.  "We worked so hard and we have a bunch of yahoos out there thinking it’s alright.  Imagine if every single Ontario resident acted the way they’re doing right now.  It would set us back months."

No arrests were made and no fines were issued.   

Meanwhile, Ford says the Ontario economy will reopen, but cautiously, in a trickle.  He wouldn’t say exactly when but suggested some restrictions might be eased by the Victoria Day long weekend, May 18th.