Public input sought on removal of Main Street medians

Jul 18, 2016

The medians separating lanes of traffic on Main Street in the University District created controversy from the very beginning. Now, a meeting will be held on whether the medians should be removed.

Main Street in Buffalo where medians are along a section of the street.
Credit WBFO News photo

When Main Street was rebuilt in the early 2000s, the medians were seen as a way of making the streetscapeĀ more attractive. But from the very start, there were problems.

Some of the less-hardy greenery in the medians died from a lack of water and car exhaust. Other greenery was allowed to grow, obstructing the view of motorists.

And throughout the years, snow plows and cars alike have struck the medians, causing damage that required costly repairs.

Now there are calls for removal of the medians. But first, Mayor Byron Brown said he wants to hear from the public.

"Certainly, we'll be interested in hearing what the public has to say about the medians," Brown said. "I hope a large grouping of people who live in the immediate area will come out to have their voices heard."

Two Common Council members are holding a meeting on the future of the Main Street medians Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 7 at the Gloria Parks Community Center.

Still, Brown said he doesn't think the medians are a hazard.

"I drive there at all hours of the day and night. They haven't presented any problems to me," Brown said. "I don't necessarily see that people should be running into the medians if they're driving the way they're supposed to drive."

Main Street is a state route. But Brown said it's likely there would be a cost to the city to remove the medians.