Purple Heart awarded to family of local soldier killed in Iraq

Aug 8, 2019

Under a perfect blue sky on a giant portico overlooking Lake Erie, Daniel Shaw's Purple Hearts were delivered yesterday on Purple Heart Day, symbols of his 2007 death in combat in Iraq.

Credit Mike Desmond/ WBFO

Rep. Chris Collins says a family member contacted his staff to say Sergeant Shaw had never received the medals he was entitled to. An array of medals and ribbons was delivered to Ronald and Brenda Shaw at their SunCliff on the Lake hospitality center.

Patriot Guard Ride Captain and veteran Don Becker memorialized Shaw.

"On behalf of a grateful America and the Patriot Guard riders, for bravery and proudly carrying the burden of defending this country in service to this nation and the sacrifices made, we sincerely thank you, Daniel Jordan Shaw, Sergeant, E-5, United States Army Infantry," Becker announced.

Shaw was killed on his second tour in Iraq, serving with the second infantry division in Taji.

Collins said there was a problem in Army records.
"That Daniel earned and for whatever reason was not properly presented and we're very happy that a family member made us aware of that omission and my staff was able to step in and to get the Purple Heart which I'm honored to present to both of you on behalf of a grateful nation," Collins said

The Bronze Star led the list of medals and ribbons the soldier was entitled to from his Army time.