Rally plans to push Cuomo on environmental issues

Apr 23, 2018

Nearly 100 people hopped aboard two buses early this morning on Buffalo's West Side. They're heading to an Albany rally called, Cuomo: Walk the Talk on Climate!

Organizers of today's rally in Albany say Gov. Cuomo's policies are in conflict with the cultivated images of him as a friend of the environment.
Credit Cuomowalkthetalk.org

Carolyn Miller of PUSH Buffalo says her group joined Open Buffalo and the Coalition for Economic Justice in organizing the local effort. They'll be in Albany for today's noon rally with groups from around the state.

According to Miller, support is building among state lawmakers for progressive environmental polices. The push "leaves Cuomo to be one of the few Democrats (not) taking this aggressive a stance on climate." 

Environmental advocates are growing frustrated with what they say is a governor who talks like an environmentalist but fails to follow through with corresponding policy.

Those attending today's rally, Miller says, are seeking "some really comprehensive and progressive climate justice policies at the state level to insure equity, create jobs and move New York State to become 100 percent renewable by 2050."

Advocates also want an end to fracking infrastructure and greater fines on corporate polluters to help cover cleanup costs.

"And in doing so move money in a way that draws down money and power to local communities so we can start to see some of the solutions that we need come to fruition," Miller said.