Reddy bike-sharing program rolled out in Buffalo

Jul 21, 2016

A new bike-sharing program officially rolled out in Buffalo on Thursday. There are now 200 Reddy bikes available for public use at 30 stations across the city.  

Reddy Bikeshare's Director of Operations, Anders Gunnersen, says the state-of-the-art bikes have a drive shaft, so there is no chain that pants can get caught in while pedaling.

"The bikes have a GPS built into them, so you can track your ride. It can calculate how many calories you've burned, how much money you've saved as opposed to using a car or other vehicle. And you're able to access them with your smartphone so you can find them 24/7 they're available," Gunnersen said.

The bikes also come with a basket, a bell and a built-in lock so they can be left anywhere.

Independent Health's CEO, Dr. Michael Cropp says Reddy Bikeshare is the latest effort to create healthy, environmentally sustainable transportation options in Buffalo.