Reed skeptical of Iran nuclear deal

Jul 20, 2015

The recently-reached Iranian nuclear deal is meeting with some skepticism from Southern Tier Rep. Tom Reed. In his weekly telephone conference call Monday, Reed said the deal is "very troublesome."

The agreement calls on Iran to curb its nuclear program for ten years in return for a lifting of international sanctions. Reed said there should be no relief from sanctions until there is proof that Iran is complying.

"The deal is filled with references to the Iranian efforts to continue research and development on the nuclear front [and] continue the ability to have centrifuges in play. I think you have to come at this from the perspective of, let's see some change in behavior, let's see firm commitment and firm results before we even talk about sanction relief," Reed said.

Reed said the deal will result in a more dangerous Iran.

"What I see is a direct threat to our national security. It puts Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon, as they have 6,000+ centrifuges still in existence," Reed said.

President Obama officially presented the deal to Congress over the weekend, which now has 60 days to approve or reject it. Reed said he will seek input from local residents in town meetings before he decides how to vote.