Regents Collins critical of too many school leadership changes

Apr 28, 2015

Buffalo's new State Board of Regents representative is discouraged in the latest call to change the leader of the city school district.  WBFO'S Focus on Education reporter Eileen Buckley says the Regents Catherine Collins believes there have been too many superintendent changes. 

Catherine Collins, Regents for WNY region.

"Every two years -- average it out -- we are changing the leadership and that's really upsetting to me," said Catherine Collins, Regents representative for the Buffalo region.  

When it comes to the Buffalo School Board --  Collins speaks from experience.  She is a former city school board member.  Collins tells WBFO News the next superintendent must have the right administrative skills to move the District forward.

"Whoever comes, has to have some really good consensus building skills," stated Collins. 

Collins says this is a 'critical time' for Buffalo.  Collins is concern that the repeated change in District leadership is not a stable for teachers and staff.
As for talk of a mayoral takeover, Collins could not weigh-in saying it would depend on the model and whether it would involve replacing board members.

Collins notes with the constant turmoil and potential teacher retirements  she's worried how the district will be able recruit and attract future city teachers.