Region could break record for latest snowfall

Dec 1, 2015

Western New York could shatter a weather record this week -- just not the kind we're used to seeing as we move into December.

The absence of snow has Buffalo only a couple days away from breaking a century-old record for logging the latest snowfall.

Where is the snow?
Credit WBFO file photo

“The latest measureable snow came back on December 3, way back in 1899," said Kirk Apffel, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. "There’s only been five years where we made it into December without measureable snow."

To put it into historical perspective, William McKinley was president the last time the Buffalo region was snow-less in early December.

Apffel said El Nino is the most likely cause to the milder temperatures and lower precipitation.

While some are rejoicing over the unseasonably mild weather, others look forward to winter. Buffalo resident Steve Jones is among them.

“You know honestly, I kind of miss the snow,  because last year with Snowvember,  I got into the kind of mood where,  you know -- it's Buffalo. We're going to have snow it’s going to happen and you might as well just accept so I am ready for it.”

But others are enjoying the unusual weather pattern.

“I like to run outside, powerwalk and jog, when it’s not too cold," Buffalo resident Drew Thomas told WBFO.

Looking beyond the December 3 milestone, Apffel said the region will likely continue to experience milder weather.

“Looking at the long range forecast, we still have a greater likelihood for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation," he said.