Region witnesses increase in pest problems

Sep 10, 2015

The region's wet and humid weather has generated increased business for exterminators and caused headaches for many homeowners and business owners. Exterminators have encountered a significant spike in pest control jobs involving bees, wasps, spiders and bats.

“It’s been humid and moist for a lot of the summer, and then especially lately it’s gotten pretty hot,” Buffalo Exterminating General Manager John Zimmerman told WBFO News. “All that promotes insect activity, so spiders have been kind of a big deal. Bees and wasps are also at the height of their season, so we’ve been getting hundreds of calls for yellow jackets the last four, five, six weeks."

Zimmerman offered some common sense advice about avoiding getting stung by flying insects.

“Obviously don’t mess around with bees and wasps this time of year, they’re at the height of their colony,” he said. “They’re more protective of their nest and their colony this time of year and they tend to react pretty aggressively” he added.

There has also been an increase in calls about bats. Zimmerman said approximately 4 percent of the bats caught in the region have tested positive for rabies. He said anyone who discovers a bat in a dwelling should open all doors and windows.

Zimmerman predicted that as long as September remains hot and humid, insect activity may not slow down until mid-October.