Repairs planned for crumbling Bailey Avenue bridges

Jan 19, 2016

Commuters on Bailey Avenue know very well the condition of the bridges that carry travelers across Buffalo and Cazenovia creeks. That situation may be changing, though the solution is not simple.

The bridges have been in bad shape for years, despite some attempts to do pavement repairs to ease the situation and odd traffic patterns, made worse in bad weather.

Councilmember Richard Fontana compares the road pattern to the S-curves carrying Delaware Avenue through Delaware Park. Fontana says there may be construction late this year on an $8 million project.

"The design is near final and the plans are near finalization, as well," Fontana said.

"A few months back, the Council approved a settlement on a purchase of a building and some property at the tail end of the project. We've already closed on that property. The owner has been paid. So, property has been acquired."

Because the spans are so essential to getting into South Buffalo, the new bridges will be built next to the existing bridges so the current bridges will stay in service until the new ones are ready, both new and straighter.