Republican business leader critical of increased state spending

Jan 10, 2016

Local Republicans gathered in Cheektowaga Saturday for a roundtable discussion on some of the issues facing New York State and the Buffalo area.

Harry Wilson

Party leaders say there is too much spending in the state and that taxes need to be reduced. Businessman Harry Wilson, who made an unsuccessful run for State Comptroller in 2010, said there has to be more of a plan when it comes to state spending.

"I think in some areas we do have to spend more money," Wilson said. "But it has to be driven by outcomes and expectations. It's not just a blank check. What do we hope to achieve?

"We don't have an infrastructure plan for the state. So what is the priority?"

Wilson's name has surfaced as a potential challenger to Cuomo in 2018.

The Governor continues to unveil a series of spending initiatives in advance of his State of the State address this Wednesday. His latest proposal came Saturday -- a $200 million proposal to upgrade the state's airports.