Republican chairman says Ryan debated well

Oct 12, 2012

For Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy, the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan was a victory for the Republican -- a potentially valuable component in a close race.

Langworthy says the Ryan had a chance to show he knew the issues and could stand up against a veteran like Biden, including the troubled economy, which is a key issue in the race.

"Paul Ryan acquitted himself very well in this debate. He showed he's a man of substance and facts and those substance and facts carried the night," Langworthy told WBFO News.

"I think when the dust settles, people will be declaring Paul Ryan the clear winner."

The chairman also says Biden didn't seem to take the debate seriously, smiling and grinning throughout the 90-minute event.

"Joe Biden was unhinged, at times," Langworthy said. "It was a strange performance by the vice president."

Langworthy says vice presidential debates don't usually tip a presidential race, but it was a chance to debate the key issues.

WBFO News has reached out to the Erie County Democratic Committee for their reaction to Thursday night's Biden-Ryan debate and await their response.