Restaurant closures have meant increased sales for liquor store

Mar 19, 2020

The COVID-19 threat has closed down bar and restaurant dining rooms across the state for the foreseeable future. As those businesses scramble to diversify their model to provide for customers, another alcohol-related business has seen dramatic increase in sales.

Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

Gates Circle Wines and Liquor Store Owner Leslie Heubach has seen remarkable growth in sales over the past week.

“Business has definitely increased,” she said. “Our sales have doubled from what they would normally be.”

The coronavirus state of emergency has forced restaurants to alter their business model in order to avoid completely closing.

That means an uptick in sales for the Delaware Avenue store, but Heubach said, much like toilet paper, the boost in sales may be the result of panic buying.

“Customers are scared,” she said. “We can see it when they come in the store, if they do come in the store. People are stocking up.”

Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

Gates Circle will slightly alter their hours beginning Thursday, and in the event they wouldn’t allow people inside the family-owned business, they would expand their delivery service and enforce a curbside pickup.

Heubach said she has no plans to close up unless she absolutely has to.

“It’s our livelihood,” Heubach said.

But until such a time, the store remains open, one small reason for you to raise your glass to at a time like this.