Resurgent signs showing in University Heights

Aug 3, 2015

Some city neighborhoods are benefiting from the surge in development in downtown Buffalo. That energy has spun off into University Heights where Tucker Curtin is rebuilding the facade and entrance of The Steer restaurant.

The Steer restaurant has been a landmark along Main Street for years.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

He says a lot of money has gone into the inside and structure of the building and now it's time to change the look. Curtin says the food business has changed and he's had to change with it.
"To have a family sit down and a couple of the people are vegans and a couple aren't and they can all share a meal together and break bread and share the different foods and conversation in one place," Curtin explained.

"It's wonderful. A lot of restaurants tend to alienate certain customers because they can't fulfill the certain needs. We're able to fulfill those needs more than anybody else at this point."

Curtin says that means his staff makes cheese out of cashews and turns beans into what seems to be meat, for vegan customers to eat with members of their own family who eats meat. He says it's good business to attract entire families.