Retired Buffalo cop, East Aurora trustee charged with drug suspect

Oct 6, 2020

In a case with some mysteries to it, the target of a late-night shooting and a retired Buffalo Police detective are charged with varying crimes.

The case started with a shooting Sept. 7 on Wyoming Avenue in Buffalo. Alexis Rivera was hit inside his car and taken to Erie County Medical Center for several days of treatment.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn (l) is a Monday press conference.
Credit Mike Desmond / WBFO News

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said a legal search found drugs.

"Let's just say that there were investigative measures that were taken on the car and subsequent to those investigative measures, a search warrant was obtained to search the vehicle and 13 oz. of cocaine were found in the car. That's a lot of cocaine," Flynn said.

That much cocaine amounts to a 1-A felony, Flynn said.

Subsequently, on Sept. 25, former East Aurora Village Trustee and retired Buffalo cop Kevin Biggs went to the Police Impound Lot while wearing police gear, which he was no longer allowed to wear, with what Flynn said were forged papers to retrieve the car.

The DA said Biggs made three trips to the Police Garage on Seneca Street with the same forged paperwork to get that car. Biggs is charged with an array of allegations, although no drug charges.

"While I am embarrassed, quite frankly, by Mr. Biggs' alleged conduct here, I do want to be fair to him and make sure that it's clear that he was not charged with anything related to the drugs. He was charged with trying to get the car back and the drugs were found in the car," Flynn said.

Flynn would not say if there were any cases involving Rivera when the former officer still carried a legal badge.