Reviewing developers' plans for Women & Children's Hospital

Mar 3, 2016

Buffalo's Women & Children's Hospital will soon be moving from its Elmwood Village location to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. 

Kaleida Health gave the public another look at the plans of four developers for the hospital's current site at a meeting Wednesday evening.

Residents had a chance to look at proposals.
Credit WBFO News photo by Mike Desmond

Each of the four is a big project. Ciminelli Real Estate is projecting a cost of $122 million, and estimates from the other developers aren't much different. All are proposing a mix of new construction and rehabbing parts of the existing buildings. And each proposal has a special feature, such as Ellicott Development's plan for a school performing arts center.

Outside the current Children's Hospital in Buffalo.
Credit WBFO News photo

Kaleida spokesman Michael Hughes said executives are working closely with the developers on the plans and costs. Hughes says the start of the move is less than a year away.

"Some of the clinics will move by the early part of 2017, but will be fully out by the end of 2017. So 2017 really will begin a gradual move, first the clinics and then the acute care side." explained Hughes.

The public was given the opportunity to write comments on stickers and attach them to boards showing details of the competing plans. 

A quick review of the comments suggests that many people like the plans, though not everyone is happy about the prospect of a massive project being dropped into Elmwood Village. Hughes says selection of a developer is not that far away.