River Fest and namesake park revitalize South Buffalo community

Jun 19, 2015

River Fest Park
Credit thevalleycenter.com / Valley Community Association

The Valley Community Association begins its annual Buffalo River Fest Friday evening.

The event takes place in the park that shares its name. Association Executive Director Peg Overdorf says the River Fest Park has helped to revitalize the surrounding South Buffalo neighborhood.

“It has spurred so much activity," said Overdorf. "The Ohio Street Corridor is now a recognized name. the rowing club is occurring down the street. Now Sam Savarino’s building some 68 units. Carl Paladino’s building a 21-residential unit with multi-purpose offices with restaurant. RiverWorks is across the river. These guys wouldn’t have looked at the site if it wasn’t for this little park.”

River Fest starts at 6pm, and runs through Sunday, featuring history tours, music and games, a regatta for home-made rafts, and more. The full schedule is online at the Valley Community Association's website.