Roswell Park to coordinate Cancer Moonshot project

Sep 25, 2018

A new national Data Management and Resource-Sharing Center to fight cancer is being established on the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus. Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has been awarded $6.28 million for the project from the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

Dr. Alan Hutson talks to reporters about the Moonshot Initiative as Dr. Kunle Adunsi and Roswell Park President and CEO Candace Johnson look on.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Roswell's Deputy Director Dr. Kunle Odunsi says the project involves more than a dozen leading cancer research centers in the U.S. that are working on using the immune system to tackle the deadly disease.    

"And this unprecedented network will be coordinated and guided right from here. Right from Western New York, from Roswell Park, because of the national recognition of our expertise at Roswell Park," Odunsi said.   

Dr. Alan Hutson, Chair of BioStatistics and BioInformatics says it's exciting to have Roswell Park be the coordinating center for the project.   

"The key thing of the Moonshot program is sharing data. So not just generating data in silos. All these centers will contribute to one massive data set and that will lead to discoveries through various analysis methods and software tools. So the sharing of data is what creates the power of this network," Hutson said.    

Fifty years ago, Hutson said, cancer research was done in a test tube and a beaker. He says now it's data-driven and always includes a computer and a quantitative scientist. The Moonshot award is the second major allocation Roswell Park's received in the past week.