Roswell Park offering cancer care at Sisters Hospital

Mar 20, 2013

Roswell Park Cancer Institute has teamed with Catholic Health to provide cancer care at Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo.   WBFO'S Mike Desmond sat down with leaders from both organizations to discuss this latest collaboration.

Roswell and Sisters will share services of an expert in gynecologic oncology. 

Doctor Stacey Nicole Akers will work in both hospitals.

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Sisters Hospital, Buffalo
Credit Photo from Catholic Health Website

Roswell Park President and CEO Doctor, Donald Trump, said the collaboration means Catholic Health System patients at Sisters will have access to research clinical trials done in his facility, and the researchers will learn from having more patients.

Doctor Trump tells WBFO News it's the future for health care to share.

"Jointly hire a faculty member who would provide the care and work closely. The more we work closely with all our colleagues in the region I think the better it is for cancer care in the region and also better it is for Roswell Park, as we develop those relationship which are going to be ever more important as health care continues to evolve," said Dr. Trump.

Doctor Trump said there will also be health care advantages at Sisters, with doctors handling different aspects of a patient's and care working together.  

It's an important collaboration for Sisters and its parent company, Catholic Health.

Catholic Health president and CEO Joseph McDonald said it's a change on both sides.

"We were strong competitors for a long time and many of our physicians used to be Roswell doctors and you have you have that dynamic that plays out too. But, we had the opportunity to work with Roswell, to begin thinking about: Is there a way on those areas where we don't compete where we can collaborate together," said McDonald.

McDonald said many doctors complete the last stages of their cancer-treatment training at Roswell Park and he hopes to hire them for Catholic Health.