Rural Metro's performance is under review

Jun 20, 2016

Rural Metro's ambulance response times are under review by Buffalo's EMS Board. It unanimously approved a "Notice of Inquiry" Monday.

Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

WBFO News asked Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield if the Notice 'has any teeth?'

"The contract is a public document. There are fines within that contract. But nothing's more important than us sitting down and working together. We've met every day this week. We've met with Rural Metro. Met with their staff. Met with the County. And we're working very very hard to make sure that not only are the terms and conditions of this contract met but we're going well beyond that to make sure that we provide service to this community. So we're very very happy with the progress that we've made."    

Thomas Maxian,the Regional Director for AMR/Rural Metro says, that the company is disappointed in its performance. Maxian says Rural Metro plans to hire new EMTs and concentrate its resources in the City of Buffalo to provide better response times.