SAFE Act provisions process begins

Apr 15, 2013

Two controversial provisions of New York State's SAFE Act will go into effect on Monday, April 15, 2013.

The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act limits shooters from loading more than seven rounds into their magazines, unless the firing is engaged at a range or in a competition. 

Owners of a  variety of AR15 assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons will have one year to begin to registered with the state by April 15, 2014. Registration forms will be available on the New York State Police website.

Credit WBFO File Photo / WBFO News

Opponents of the regulations have threatened not to comply. Legislators believe that enforcement of the rules will be difficult.

Failure to register a qualifying weapon could bring a misdemeanor charge and loss of the weapon.

The state affiliate of the National Rifle Association headed to court in Washington Monday to fight the limit. But the Supreme Court is staying out of the gun debate for now. 

The justices declined to hear a challenge to New York's tough new control control law.  The court did not comment.

It turned away an appeal from five state residents and the Second Amendment Foundation.

The high court action comes as congressional debate intensifies over new gun control measures.