School Board begins search for permanent superintendent

Oct 16, 2014

With the Buffalo Public School system once again operating under an interim superintendent, the school board is starting the process of looking for a permanent boss.

Tim Kremer of the State School Boards Association, foreground, discussed the city's superintendent vacancy Wednesday night.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The matter was discussed Wednesday night during a meeting of the Buffalo School Board's Executive Affairs Committee.

"If you can hold onto Don for two years, that would be ideal," advised Timothy Kremer, executive director of the State School Boards Association and a former superintendent search consultant.

Kremer told the board members at the meeting that it's really important to decide the qualities and the performance record of potential candidates.

Keeping Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie would give time for the decisions and the actual search process.

The problem for the district is that there are fewer and fewer people who want to be school superintendents. Kremer suggests the board ease up on its usual feuding.

"Try to lessen the controversy, bring down the temperature, get to a place where this looks like an attractive place to be, where one can be successful. And, that's going be a real important conversation for you guys to have when you enter into the search process," Kremer said.

Kremer says social media and the web mean any candidate can find out anything about a possible school job and can decide not to even apply, based on what information is out there and what facts turn up.