School board questions teacher, principal and school ratings

Dec 18, 2014

The Buffalo school board debated issues surrounding the state's teacher and principal evaluation system Wednesday night.

The evaluations have been rough and tumble for years, with fights between Albany and staff unions and uncertainty about the end product of all of the paperwork. State Education Department officials say around 100 teachers are rated more highly than they should be.

Assistant Buffalo Schools Superintendent Genelle Morris told the board around half the principals and teachers are rated as highly effective, 21% are rated effective, 5% developing and 2% ineffective. Meanwhile, 24% have not been rated.

Buffalo School Board Members discuss teacher evaluations
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

Buffalo School Board Member Carl Paladino said the scores make no sense when you consider all of the failing schools.

"If I were in Albany, I was sitting here looking at statistics that showed 2% ineffective, 5% developing and then 69% performing. I would seriously question the integrity of those numbers because we have 46 out of 57 schools failing," notes Paladino.

Board Member Theresa Harris-Tigg also wondered how the ratings can find Buffalo has both good teachers yet bad schools.

On a related note, a bill was delivered to Governor Cuomo this week which would delay penalties for teachers and principals who are rated as "developing" or "ineffective."