School bus crashes into South Buffalo home

May 24, 2012

A school bus with 19 children on board plowed into a house in South Buffalo Thursday morning, injuring four of them.  The bus was transporting students to Lorraine Academy when it struck the house on West Woodside Drive between South Park Avenue and Hopkins Street. 

Four students were taken to Women and Children's Hospital for treatment of bumps and bruises.  The driver was treated at Mercy Hospital. 

"One boy who took the worst of it had hit his head, shoulder and leg," said district spokeswoman Elena Cala.  "It was mostly bumps and bruises, and thankfully, everyone is doing fine."

The residents of the house were not injured but were reportedly knocked out of their beds. 

Authorities say the driver of the bus might have been blinded by the bright sunshine and lost control when he tried to avoid a pile of gravel.