Schools Superintendent Reduces Number of Layoffs

Buffalo, NY – There was some better news from the Buffalo Board of Education Wednesday night. School leaders say they've managed to reduce the number of planned layoffs and close the $28 million budget gap.

"There isn't a penny anywhere that we haven't been able to scrap together and be able to maximize," Schools Superintendent Marion Canedo said. She was pleased to report that they were able to reduce the number of planned teacher layoffs from 433 to 212.

"Two hundred twelve teachers, 22 administrators, 60 teacher aides, 24 civil service positions," she continued. "That lowers the total layoffs to 318.

The Board of Education originally approved a total of 557 layoffs. But through a number of other reductions, including transfers in grants and some additional funding from the State Assembly, total layoffs are now at 318.

The last round of 80 teacher layoffs will be finalized at the January 23rd board meeting, again bringing the total to 212.

"They will be approved at the next board meeting, and all of those folks will be notified within the next few days so that the schools will know exactly how to begin redesigning their schedules," Canedo said.

Canedo says this last round of layoffs will affect city schools housing grades 7 through 12, but says every school has been affected by all the layoffs.

"No matter how hard we tried not to affect schools, there is no way it didn't affect every single school in one fashion or another, either in this first group or in the second group of layoffs," she said.

The last batch of layoffs will save the school district an additional $2 million, closing a $28 million dollar shortfall.